Copy Right / Trade Marks

All of the documents, photograph, drawing, motion pictures, music and software (hereinafter called “contents”) used on this Website is protected by the copyright of Santoku Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. and its affiliated bodies (hereinafter, “the Company”) or third parties.
The persons who use this Website can copy these contents by download and/or other methods only for the purpose of personnel use, family use and equivalent purpose.
When the contents include the indication of copy right or trademarks by The Company or third parties, you are required to copy it with the indication of the copy right or trademarks.
If respective contents provide the terms of use by the copy right owner, you can use it in accordance with the terms even in case of except the purpose of the above.
The Company may not permit to use them when the contents include the portraits or the third party’s copy rights and/or the Company determines it is unsuitable.
It is prohibited to use the contents for the purpose of translating, public transmission, and any other purposes or modes without permission by the copy right owner.
The proprietary right regarding trademarks, logo and trade names on the Web site are held by the Company or respective right owners. To use them without permission by the Company is violation of Trademark law and relevant laws unless such laws allow it as exception. You are required to contact to us to get prior permission by the Company.

The Company neither authorize the rights of copyright, patent, trademark and any other rights nor warrant anything of the contents on the Website.

Exemption from Liability

Although utmost care is taken in providing correct information on the Website, the Company makes no warranty as to accuracy, usefulness, security and any other matters of the information contained on the Website. The Company is not liable for any damages as a result of using or being unable to use such information.
The Company reserves the right to change, or temporarily or permanently withdraw the contents and/or URL contained in its own Website without prior notice. Furthermore, all of the information on this Website may not be updated to the newest information and the Company may suspend or terminate the operation of the Website without prior notice. The Company shall not be held liable for damage caused by such matters.
When this Web site is changed or amended, the new site policy can be applied.

Link Policy

If you wish to link to this Website, you are requested to inform us about the main body of the operation, the purpose and the URL to be linked to get prior permission by us. The Company reserves the right to refuse the request if the purpose or usage is not appropriate.
Basically, please use the URL of the top page ( and describe our company name as “Santoku Chemical Industries Co., Ltd” or “Santoku Chemical” on your website.


Protection and Management of personal information

The Company maintains accuracy of personal information and protects and manages personal information in order to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, loss and alteration appropriately.

The Limitation of Providing Personnel Information to Third Party

The Company is committed to never disclose or provide the personnel information to the third parties without obtaining prior consent from the concerned individual unless the applicable laws require as exemption.
If we use sub-contractors to handle the personnel information, we will select sufficient and reliable suppliers and manage them properly.

Provision of Internal System

The Company will implement to provide and improve internal system continually through the training of the employees as well as follow “Act on the Protection of Personal Information”.

Disclosure, Correction and Suspension of use on Personal Information

When you request disclosure, correction or suspension of use on your own personal information, the Company will respond appropriately after confirming identification of yourself. Please contact to us should you have any opinion or question on our handling personnel information including the request of disclosure.

Review of the Privacy Policy

The company will review and improve this Privacy Policy from time to time. When we do amend this Privacy Policy, the revised Policy will be posted here immediately.