代表取締役社長 下 本 孝 司

Santoku Chemical Industries co.,Ltd.
President & Chief Executive Officer

Koji Shitamoto

Toward to the unstinted pursuit of ultra-high quality
constant supply,
Establishing continual improved quality management system,

We strive to contribute to industries and society
as a valuable cooperate.

It’s my great pleasure to welcome you to the Santoku Chemical website.

Since Santoku Chemical was founded in 1955, it has always been our top priority to supply high quality products stably as the specialist for the highly purified hydrogen peroxide aqueous solution over half a century by tackling continuous improvement in line with customer’s requirements that are progressing year by year.
In order to respond to the changing business environment and BCP, we have launched the new plant in Hiroshima as our second production site in Japan in 2015 as the 60 year anniversary of the company, which has establish the state-of-the-art production and supply system in western Japan.

We are committed to contribute to the society by continuous innovation and creation, challenging to create and incubate the new business such as process equipment, precise cleaning and laboratory services in the relevant fields, and enhancing our process technology as well as supplying wide range products from reagent grade for the field of R& D to ultra high pure grade for advanced semiconductor industries.

We hope that this website will help you to have better understanding on what Santoku Chemical is.
I would appreciate it if you kindly give us your continued support and guidance.