By establishing a system of Business Continuity Plan in the event of significant disaster, we aim to secure safety of life of employees, maintaining employment, maintaining business with our business partners and securing credibility / reliability of our clients as well as ensuring stability of management.

Therefore, we define preparedness plan against contingency and implementation plan for prompt recovery in the event of an unexpected disaster.

Our goal is to develop high level conscious constitute of the company and cooperate culture to maintain continuity of our business.


1)    To take preventive measures to minimize damages and to avoid risks even though an anticipated disaster is encountered.

2)    To ensure safety and life of the employees and to avoid injuries when an anticipated disaster is encountered.

3)    To establish reliable partnership with the suppliers to continue supply to the customers, should we suffer disasters.

4)    To formulate a system to cover prompt recovery plan and to secure employment, should we suffer disasters.

5)    To formulate constitution of the company with high level consciousness to continue business by mutual cooperation, should we suffer disasters, resulting to suspend our operations.